Africa Allah

Africa Allah

New media producer turned DJ. Africa Allah spins the best in Hip-hop, Dancehall and Soca music.



Africa Allah is former host of Play Back Open Mic – which was previously under the management of TAV Entertainment from 1999 -2000. She has also served as co-host of Phat Saturdays with Reality of (Bahamas)100 Jamz from 2001 – 2003, and co-host of the 2002 “Mecca Ent” TV show TEEN Scene with ZNS Giles Wells. In 2005, Allah was Acting Program Director of South African Radio FM in New York City. She is now co-founder of DistinctiveImpression MMG LLC, and has been the General Manager of DIRadioCast New Media Network since 2006. A Bahamian national, Africa Allah is dedicated to servicing the needs of the people through creative services and new media innovations. These services have helped companies catapult their performance and leverage top placement on the internet.

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