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About VM

viralmovementslogoMake money in the Digital Space with your Passion.  Viral Movements 2013 focuses on digital content development and monetization. This includes but is not limited to Music, Video Production, Photography and Journalism.

ViralMovements is an interactive digital media initiative  designed to integrate the myriad of new & social media platforms into the daily lifestyle of small business professionals and consumers allowing them to connect, communicate and engage within the social sphere through customized call-to-action campaigns.

Viral Movements  Seminar is a two-day long series of workshops utilizing new media tools to facilitate digital media professionals and business educational panels. Optimally, Viral Movements will reiterate to our live audience and end users the power of new media.

Our primary goal is to educate artists, producers, songwriters and others about the music industry, new media and the digital era of music that we are currently a part of. In addition,  we want to support the development of structured  entertainment content for global consumption on all devices.

Our main objective is to facilitate the growth of a viable entertainment  industry and extend the scope commerce .

The workshop will focus on several key topics:

  • The Business of  new media  and music
  • Creative Licenses, digital rights and content ownership
  • Making money with digital content
  • New and Social Media Marketing
  • The evolution of technology and trends in digital content distribution