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New Media Support Team

Who’s Talking about you?

Brands that actively engage in media outreach will likely see a greater consumer impact. Our job as new media professionals is to  identify the most effective blend of content types to help effectively educate and inform consumers. By educating the consumer  your brand or product  is pushed to the forefront.

As an independent new media outlet, our content is produced with the interest of the audience in mind. We create content that addresses cultural, economic and social impact without overtly pushing any set agenda. Our objective is to make our work as informative  and entertaining as possible, allowing the audience to be the deciding factor.

We work with four mediums Podcasting (an on-demand form of audio broadcast now available on mobile devices, in-car apps and gaming consoles  for consumption.) Video, Photojournalism and (journalistic) Blogging. DistinctiveImpression MMG  and its New Media Network prides itself on  delivering  cutting edge concepts while testing the limits of innovation.