#diShow Slots

#diShow Slots


#diShow Slots


Note: Slots are only sold in 7 week pilots  and the 13 week season bundles, single podcast slots fall under Infomercials

Advertisers must submit all artwork and  or audio products for  placement. Contentexual ad should include short 120 blurb. Infomercials and radiocast slots should have a brief description of the product + any art work.Radiocasters are given a personal id to post their content. 

  • All prices quoted are NET
  • Terms: cash in advance ; PayPal or credit card 5% additional
  • Full payment upon signing
  • Payments are non- refundable
  • RadioCaster cannot miss more than two shows in a series.
  • Upon payment your show is assigned a broadcast date set 2 weeks out and social ads for launch promotion.

Program Samples
The Controller with @JFinn 2011  | Art-O- Vation Syndicated  | Monster Music Produced by DIRadioCast for Monster Products 

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$1,050.00 $875.00
$1,625.00 $1,495.00

Host Your Own RadioCast Show

Radiocast slots  are  sold in blocks of 60 minutes with 4 commercials per slot, not inclusive of the intro and outro. Slots are programmed in  13 week seasons and 7 week pilots (a pilot series standalone program  used to sell the show and or test out network response) to at $150 per 60 minute slot.

Please note that a RadioCaster can only sign up for a pilot show once.

Radiocaster s are not allowed to play a song in rotation more than once in a season. All RadioCast programs are required to post mix listing in their write up  on the site. ((Note this write up travels with the product across platforms).

Programs air on demand  from 12am est – 11:59pm est on your assigned date.

Music Submission Access

Artists submit  music to the website for review. All RadioCasters have access to this content for review.

Podcast Syndication

Our podcast programs are listed in 32  podcast directories. We also can be found on in car apps such as Stitcher and Tunein Radio. Mobile applications include iTunes, Google play, Double Twist, and Blackberry and the xBox gaming consoles.


Ad Share

RadioCaster keeps 100%  of ad money.


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