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DJ Services


Flat Rate: A maximum of 4 hours

#diDJServices  support local and international DJ Talent

The requested DJ will Provide a DJ Service, which  shall consist primarily of providing musical entertainment by means of a recorded music format.

We do not provide sound equipment  or lighting. Those services are additional and must be negotiated with requested DJ.

As a part of the booking, the client will receive placement on our network and related social platforms promoting the DJ’s play date. (Client must provide details and artwork.)





Africa Allah

International (Atlanta | New York | Caribbean)

Hip-hop | Hip-Hop Soul | Soca | Pop| Dancehall | Bahamian

Open to Travel

Travel & Lodging Separate


DJ Sanchez

Nassau, Bahamas

Hip-hop | EDM | Pop| Dancehall |Reggae|  Soca | Bahamian

Open to Travel

Travel & Lodging Separate


DJ Kozmo

Nassau, Bahamas

Pop|Hip-hop | EDM  | R&B | Bahamian

Travel Weekends Only

Travel & Lodging Separate


DJ Bravo

Nassau, Bahamas

Soca | Dancehall | Hip-hop | Bahamian

Open to Travel

Travel & Lodging Separate

DJ Fresh

Nassau, Bahamas

Hip-hop | Reggae |

Open to Travel

Travel & Lodging Separate


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Please note travel and lodging fees are the responsibility of the promoter and or booking agent.



Before you hire a DJ for a party, you will want to think about the type of music and atmosphere you want for your big event. Are you looking for a DJ who can turn your party into a non-stop dance party? Or perhaps you want to hire a DJ for your party to keep the event running smoothly and to make sure that no one group controls the party music.

DJs Defined

The Mobile/Wedding DJ

The “mobile” DJ (or wedding DJ) specializes in social gatherings, weddings and corporate functions. These DJs provide their own equipment and setups, as well as a large library of music. Mobile jocks usually provide their own marketing, and meet with clients in hopes of being chosen to provide entertainment for a given event.

The Radio DJ

The “radio” DJ can either be the announcer or the mixer, or even both. The announcer is responsible for abiding by the station’s playlist while interacting with listeners and promoting station events. The mix show DJ spins live over the airwaves and also abides by a playlist to fulfill song rotations and agreements with the record labels. These DJs must also conform to time restrictions so that commercials can be played and to allow for contests and station promotions.

The Club DJ

The “club” DJ spins at nightclubs and bars. Most club DJs have residencies (secured gigs at specific clubs) and perform daily, weekly or monthly. Club jocks don’t usually have to provide the equipment since the club has it already furnished. The most important goal of the club DJ is to keep the dance floor packed with patrons, while clearing it periodically so that bar sales will increase.