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New and Social Media Consultation


Ten things to ask us

1. How successful are you in your own social media networks?

2. Do you understand my market?

3. How connected are you to influencers in my industry?

4. May I have the names of your clients?

5. Where can I find current and past examples of your work?

6. Which tools do you use to measure the ROI of your campaigns?

7. What are some social media campaign ideas for my business?

8. Which social media do you specialize in?

9. How would you handle a social media crisis?

10. What are your payment terms and are they negotiable?

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We want you to feel comfortable with our team and services. Do your research?

$150 hourly Rate

Complete product

  • Plan of action  (1st hour)

  • Detailed outline (up to 4 hour)


Review web and social content

Your company will never be truly social if you silo social activity within a consultant or a staff manager. To facilitate proliferation, we  learn how your company works, then create a strategy to spread social throughout your organization.

A  new  and social media consultants’ work involves advising clients on developing online media campaigns. These campaigns typically include the use of video, blogs, forums and other features commonly seen on social networking sites.

1 “What’s your goal?” Your social strategy should not end with the creation of an online conversation.

2 “Here’s the ROI.”  We will explain how  investment in social marketing will help you reach your goals.

3 “I don’t care about follower counts.” You should be courting influencers–trusted insiders with engaged followers (such as bloggers, niche celebrities, or active tweeters), who can help spread your message.

4 “Facebook and Twitter are only a start.” Based on your line of work and goals we help you choose  which platforms are best for your business or brand.

5 “Let’s look at data.” We find smart ways to interpret data that platforms provide, and track down new data sources as well. We also identify the best social measurement, management, and listening tools for your company’s needs, so you can look up those data yourself after we are gone.

6 “Your website should be social.” Don’t just rely on other platforms. We help optimize your own site for sharing and data collection. To start, connect to Facebook’s Open Graph and measure social activity–including “likes”–within your domain, in addition to measuring that activity within Facebook itself.

7 “I’m not a social media guru.” We have just been successful in the market and stay on top of the changing new media climate.