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  • All digital photos no retouch given to client or uploaded to their server
  • Candid shots that tell the story

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 In comparison to written news, photographs are unbiased as it captures what is happening.

What Makes Photojournalism Photography Compelling?

Photojournalism photography is a branch of photography wherein images are used to report a story. Photos are capable of telling the story by using a single or a few images. These are important whether it is watching a show, news broadcast or reading newspapers or magazines. They help give viewers or readers a better idea of what is happening. However, the images used in any instance must be relevant and consistent with what is being reported.

The Importance of Photojournalism

Photojournalists are most especially important in the realm of reporting current events. The best images captured are able to summarize what is being written in the article. It supports the statements being made, making the report more effective. This becomes more and more important, as an increasing number of people do not have the time to see or read all of the content that’s included.

A single photo can speak louder than several words can. It has the ability to enhance a news story, making it more understandable to the viewer or reader. In comparison to written news, photographs are unbiased as it captures what is happening. On the other hand, words have the ability of carrying the bias of the writer and the reporter.

A photographer’s goal is to take photographs of a certain event. However, photojournalists do more than tell a story.  They are able to highlight the most important issues of a news story. The best photojournalists are able to convey the truth of a news report through a single, powerful photograph.


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