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Video Documentation


Other fees

Documentation and  post production $2,200

  • One hour of video equals 2 two hours of post production

  • Max 3 video  averaging from 90 seconds to 15 minutes for new & social post

Post Production $100 hourly

  • One hour of  video  equal two hours of post production

Production Assistant $75 hourly

  • Make sure talent is prepared

  • Pays attention to production details

Completed projects

2013 #diDocumentaries Reality Programming | Reality TV Styled Documentary 



Flat Rate (per camera)

Digital video services for documentation of  special events, brand identity and more.

Get preservative shots that allow the end user to experience the moment from all angles of the venue.

Service Include

Complete Product

  • One day of work equals more than 4 hours of work not exceeding 8 hours

  • Raw footage is given to the client for post production