Make money online doing what you love.

Seminar Program

The agenda covers:

  • Developing technology to support speedy and cost-effective delivery of the optimal types of content
  • Establishing a viable brand or product via new media outlets
  • Driving  traffic to your content
  • Getting ahead of the curve in mobile content distribution: Learn how archived and new content can be packaged and distributed to drive sustainable revenue
  • Offsetting failing traditional rich media models: Identifying short terms wins and long term strategic gains
  • Identifying flexible platforms and technologies
  • Discover 
  • Examine tools and strategies
  • Analyse 
  • Learn how to eliminate human error from digital rights management
  • Establishing storage and retrieval environments that allow consumers or companies to search vast libraries of digital content rapidly and easily
  • Recognizing the Online Video strategy and technologies that can drive traffic

For speaking opportunities please contact:

Viral Movements 2013