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Who Attends

Attending ViralMovement gives you ample opportunity to meet and network with senior level decision makers from Music, Imaging, Publishing, Technology and New Media  industries including the following groups.

You will meet Directors, VPs, SVPs, Chief Digital Officers, Program Directors, Legal Counsel and other responsible for:

  • Digital Content
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Digital Distribution
  • Digital Business Strategy
  • Mobile and Online
  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Digital Operations
  • New Media
  • Technology, Infrastructure & Development
  • Digital Sales
  • Product Management
  • Digital Production
  • Digital Product & Brand Strategy
  • Digital Research & Analysis
  • Digital Media Delivery
  • Digital Business Development
  • Social Media & Marketing Strategy
  • Program Directors – Radio
  • Publicists

You will also meet our Advisory Board

  • Sophia Lightbourne
  • Scharad Lightbourne
  • PJ Sands
  • Africa Allah
  • Terneille Burrows
  • Aldra Miller
  • Tawala Sharp

After event the audience should have a clear understanding of professional opportunities in the new media  industry, laws regarding royalties  and copyright  as well as how to create, promote and manage a brand / image and put a commercially viable project together for sale/distribution . Lastly, attendees will be able to monetize their product on multiple platforms  without leaving the comfort of their home.

Primary goal is to educate attendees about music industry, new media and content in the digital space.
Main objective is to facilitate the growth of a viable entertainment  industry and extend the scope commerce.

“If you are serious about your career, Invest in it!”