About DI

DIRadioCast is a  new media network that focuses on  Music, Technology and the implementation of technology in small Business.

Executive Summary

DIRadioCast is a New Media Network that services the needs of Small Businesses and Independent Artists. DIRadioCast features podcasts, videos, a blog and photojournalism relative to music, technology and business.


Our target customers are:

  • Based on internet averages, diradiocast.com is visited more frequently by females ages 35-44 with no children who are college-educated.

  • Our general consumers are looking for content that mimics their ideals related to the urban experience in areas of music, technology and business.

  • Our users are a collective of socially involved entrepreneurs as well as music and technology enthusiasts with an average annual income ranging from $24K to $56K.


Our unique selling proposition is:

  • DIRadioCast provides users with a creative outlet that echoes their experiences as well as allows them to be a part of the brand via new media products and social commentary.

  • It is an interactive brand that responds to the user’s needs on demand via new media programming.

  • The DIRadioCast brand meets its consumer’s basic human desire to be acknowledged, and reinforces hope in the common man that they too can achieve success.

  • Our brand evolves with the constant changes in urban music culture, technological innovations and the increased complexities of doing business in a digital era.

 Summer 2016 Line up Celebrate 10 Years of New Media DIRadioCast.com

Our pricing and positioning strategy is:

  • We offer competitive pricing based on industry and  market cost of living.

Our distribution strategy includes:

  • All products and services are delivered directly B2C (business to consumer) through our new media network in a digital on-demand format.

  • DIRadioCast also uses social platforms as a secondary mode of delivery and takes advantage of existing no-cost [to end user]  applications (ie. iTunes, Tunein Radio, YouTube, etc) thus maximizing our reach so consumers do not have to break existing habits.

The key offers we use to attract customers includes:

  • DIRadioCast offers independent artists, small businesses and entrepreneurs opportunities to gain exposure via our featured new media content, interviews, infomercials, webinars and “On Air” videocasts.

  • Users become immersed in the brand experience by adding comments via platforms they are already comfortable with or submitting guest blog posts.

  • We also offer premium content to users seeking regular, in-depth information on the business of music and the application of technology in business. Premium content consists of interactive video  and companion products  tailored to meet the end user’s interest. Users can engage  in real time on the website with social integrated comments.

  • Users can book our new media services and consultations with our trained experts for their professional projects, plus have their content promoted through our network as an added bonus.


New Media Services

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The RadioCast

DIRadioCast is an Audio/ Visual presentation of urban format podcast programming. Supporting urban music, lifestyles, technology & commerce  globally through air play, promotion and conversation. Targeting ages 24+

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