Africa’s #LOL Daily Log: Far from Finished

I have been in Trinidad a little over fours days and the climate seems intense.  Even though we are here for one of the biggest Caribbean celebrations in the world there is an undertone of danger and fear. As with any major city crime is always a  factor, but here the tension is high.

Mys experience has been a pleasant one thus far. From a capture stand point I am anxious for my camera man to come through so we can work on the documentary interviews. Watching my client in her element give me a new found respect for her as person. People gravitate towards her because she is loving, giving and caring. Others fear her because she travels within a small circle that seem impenetrable.

As a journalist, woman, and lover of music, I have seen her passion and understand her pain. More than just documenting her journey I want to expose her truth by letting the world experience Wassi as I have.

We are on stop three of 30 and we have yet to find the support we need to continue but with faith, we continue to move forward because this is a story that needs to be shared. We are far from finished.


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