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The Transition Festival: 70+ DJs from around the world

The world is a different place today. With the click of a mouse or stroke of a key we can plug into the world far beyond our doorsteps. Our exposure and access to information and culture has changed.

Sept. 24 – 30 Chew.TV is set to host a seven day music festival featuring 70+ DJs from around the globe. The entire festival will be housed on Chew. TV, and streamed from different locations. The event is titled  “ The Transition Festival” and has been created to celebrate the transition of Mixify users onto the Chew platform.
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70+ Dj's from arounf the world set to perform during the first digital DJ Festival hosted by

The Transition Festival is the  creation of  Wil Benton and Sam Millar founders of based in London.  The platform features a diverse blend of DJs  and genres, however Dubstep and Techno seem to have  a dominate presence on the platform.

The festival is a thing of beauty and promises to offer a delightful shift in the way we experience entertainment in this ever changing digital era.

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