#VisualRecap Miami Carnival (PlayMas.Today)
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#VisualRecap Miami Carnival (PlayMas.Today)

Could you imagine loosing thousands of dollars in the blink of an eye?
Imagine the weight on the counties of Broward & Dade, Florida as news traveled that a major hurricane was traveling their way during one of their most lucrative events of the year. Miami Carnival is a bi-county event that attracts over 50,000 participants each year.  The financial investment is sizable for both counties, local promoters, vendors and businesses alike. The idea of Hurricane Mathew during the 2016 Miami Carnival posed as a threat to the livelihood of many whom had invested everything they had into the four day weekend of activities.

DIRadioCast had an opportunity to experience the 2016 Miami Carnival from behind the curtain. While many may  criticize the decision to continue with the 2016 Miami Carnival and Carnival events as planned the organizers agonized over details and watched the storm tracker attentively all while trying find alternative venues to ensure safety.  In full crisis mode the first 48 hours of the 2016 Miami Carnival were hectic. Despite the fact that many paid supporters didn’t show up as a result of the storm Miami Carnival was successful, well at least to those that came out to party.


Plunge – Right before City went into State of Emergency

Rise Meets Shine  (All White Event)

Flag Night

J’ouvert Morning – Something J’ouvert

Miami Carnival 2016 – The Wassi Ones Mas Band

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