Celeste Marshall Miss Universe Bahamas 2012, Top Model of the World Bahamas 2014-2015

Celeste Marshall is an inspirational breath of fresh air! She is a Phenom in her own right. At 5’11.5”, Celeste is a Medical Assistant major at the Monroe College, in New York City. She aspires to become one of the best pediatricians in her native land… The Bahamas. Her work load is extensive. Complete with all of the of science courses necessary to achieve her overall goals, Marshall is at the top of her class. In addition to pursuing a pre-med degree, Celeste Marshall is also bilingual. As an exchange student in Guatemala, she spent six months engulfed in the Guatemalan culture, learning to speak the Spanish language while getting a better understanding of the lifestyle.


Celeste Marshall is a ‘whole’ student. And, A- line isn’t just a fashion type. For Celeste, it is how she succeeds. She continues to make straight ‘A’s and also lends herself to the community for volunteer services every chance she gets. She is an extroverted introvert. But even amidst a small cloud of fame, Celeste Marshall has managed to remain grounded while maintaining enough tenacity to push well past her circumstances and reach for the stars.


Celeste Marshall Miss Universe Bahamas 2012, Top Model of the World Bahamas 2014-2015 GlamShe was crowned Miss Universe Bahamas and represented the nation well at the 2012 Miss Universe Pageant in Las Vegas. Celeste appeared in 4 international TV and print Miss Universe campaigns which aired on NBC in over 120 countries. She was also featured by several blogs, newspapers and websites as an outstanding contender for the Crown.[/one_half]

Quote: “Success is doing what I enjoy while endeavoring to become the best that I can be…using every opportunity given, as a teaching moment and a platform to upgrade in every aspect of my life. And, no matter what the platform, I will use it as my ‘runway’ as a doctor, model, or anything else that will help me to push through and become my best.”

Celeste Marshall has the total package: all around beauty and all around brains! She has modeled in hundreds of local, regional and international fashion shows, has been a spokesperson for numerous advertising campaigns and has graced the cover pages of several publications.